Contract Manufacturing

pnf has the experience and capabilities to produce healthy snack products to your exact specification. Our experienced team has a unique ability to understand your goals, and assist with new product development. pnf can maximize your products’ potential with project specific blends and grinds to generate one of a kind taste and texture to snack goods.

A Farm to Table Story 

our services:

  • On-Site R&D
  • 60,000 Square Foot Facility
  • Fully Traceable Supply Chain
  • Pouch & Pillow Packaging 
  • Bulk Packaging 
  • Output Capacity of 880+ lbs/hr Unseasoned Puffed Products
  • Understanding of Market Trends and Costing
  • Scientific Background in Developing Extrusion Formulas
  • Ability to Source Raw Materials and Mill Custom Blends to Create one-of-a Kind Products for Your Company
  • We Work with Your Teams’ Conceptual Ideas to Maximize Equipment Potential in Developing Unique Products to Enhance Your Brand

Focus Areas


  • Plant Based Protein
  • Exploring Extrusion
    • Pea Protein
    • Brown Rice Protein
    • Legumes
    • Pulses
  • Improving Flavor Profiles
  • Market Opportunities
  • Healthy Snack Development

snacking innovation

a modern take on healthy snacking